About Us

The Fragrance Book is all about providing our customers with a wide range of imported premium fragrances, which includes the best perfumes with opulent notes under one tree. Each of our new brands has a distinct demand in the international markets, from French notes, Oriental notes, to Arabian notes based perfumes. Our goal is to provide our top seven A.A. Attarwala brands, each of which offers the best value for the money in its respective category, to the Indian customers.

We believe to surpass previous standards while enhancing and enlivening the senses of our consumers with offers that are unmatched in the market in terms of originality, exoticism, fine detail, and ingredient quality.


Fans of unique, elegant fragrances will find our imported RiiFFS Perfums very prestigious, it's been evolved with expert perfumers formulating its precious scents which are global bestsellers.
Riiffs is sensuality in a bottle. It elevates your everyday into the extraordinary. Our French perfumes are distilled from the finest ingredients and have quality written all over it.


An enduring legacy, Rihanah unveils the master blending of oriental perfume notes with Oudh, Musk, Amber... making some luxurious fragrances for the modern generation.
Rihanah's new exclusive collection of re-imagined fragrances is a global taste of the young discerning perfumes connoisseurs. Come and unveil our new blend of age-old tradition with modern touch making Rihanah perfumes a mystique to own.


The new Arab world is sophisticated and modern, yet rooted in its strong traditions. To mirror this great history while retaining the modern elements, we present Nusuk, a blend of modern oriental notes in perfumes to be cherished as an inseparable part of every occasion. A trendsetter vibrant fragrance collection that represents our continuous search for everyday luxury and elegance.


Fragrances have great power, it arouses emotions, desires, memories and relief which lead to peace of mind. Such is the influence of perfume, which brings serenity to the mind and hence adhering to the culture. Al-Fakhr perfumes blend oriental notes in perfumes to create a vibrant fragrance collection that is luxurious, elegant and yet good value for money that matches the need of the Indian consumer looking Something in the mid-range.


Manasik offers our customers quality perfumes and attars under an umbrella of premium and finest fragrance, that are high in demand locally and globally. The oriental notes of Arabian Oud based perfumes are loved and desired by those with a wild personality and a heart of gold.
Our Journey is to reach newer heights and to enrich, and enliven the sense of our customers with offerings so unique, so exotic and so finely detailed with the highest quality of ingredients that the market has not yet experienced.

BN Parfums

BN Parfums has been crafted for the Indian consumer with an international appeal and produced on French Notes that endure and grow with time. The essence of globally best and most in demand fragrances have been compiled to give the best value for money. BN Parfums is designed keeping in mind the long lasting quality the packaging finishes all packed at a reasonable pricing.

JD Collection

JD Collections brings the finest French Perfumes to Indians with an absolute rich taste. We bring forth the essence and originality of fragrance that make your heart and soul sing. JD collections with our enhancing perfumes can improve your self-confidence and boost your mood to beat the game.
Brings forward beautiful memories of LIFE with JD collection and its top-notch quality fragrance at a very affordable range.