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Qasr Al Oud Bakhoor

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Elegant enough to be burned for the most formal of occasions and yet most suitable to be fumigated and enjoyed for your every day. Bakhoor has many uses such as scenting yourself, home and wardrobe

Age does not affect the efficacy of Bakhoor. Burning Bakhoor is a soothing & uplifting activity in itself, it is a good healing agent
Size: 30 gm
AL-FAKHR Premium Wood Chips soaked in high quality of perfume oil enriched with natural ingredients and essential oils. It can be used for Special Occasions, Aromatherapy or just for Relaxation purposes.

They are used for Occasions like Wedding, Gatherings, etc. It’s a traditional gesture in the middle east to pass bakhoor amongst guests, so they can scent themselves. It is a sign of Hospitality just like serving coffee and dates in the Middle East.

Bakhoor can be used by burning it just like incense. A quick light to the wood chips and placed in a traditional bakhoor burner is a best way to burn bakhoor.

The bakhoor’s oils will evaporate as it burns and gives out a nuance of erotic, aromatic and rich fragrances.
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Size: 30 gm

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